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Air Freight

The vast majority of commercial transactions worldwide occur across the water, while air freight is a close second. While discussing import and export, there are various airports where all commodities can be transported because businesses find air freight to be simple and convenient. One of the finest ways to conduct import-export business internationally is using air freight. Large manufacturing companies are beginning to consider using air freight services. The cost-effective air freight services encompass all of the material taxes and charges that must be delivered across international borders.

A contemporary option is to ship the things through air freight services or air freight shipping. Because transportation was less developed in the past, sellers and buyers have always shipped products via the seas, but today air freight shipping is also a top alternative for exporting and importing. Air freight services aid in national corporate expansion in addition to facilitating the transfer of commodities. Learn more about it now.

About Air Freight

Transporting goods by air, whether on a planned or contracted flight, is known as air freight management. Many businesses prefer air freight because it guarantees that their products will reach any location in the world in an airplane that can fly to and stop. If the delivery is time-sensitive, the benefit of having the goods conveyed by air is that they can be delivered quickly to their destinations. 

It enables medium and small businesses to engage in world commerce as successfully as bigger businesses. Additionally, items that are sent by air carriers undergo a greater level of protection screening than those transported by other means, making them among the most protected routes.

Advantages Of Air Freight

There are several benefits to shipping products by air. These consist of the following:

  • Efficiency

Air freight travels quickly, especially when using a direct service. When compared to sea freight, which can take several weeks, you can anticipate that items will arrive at the destination within days of being sent.

  • Very Affordable For Smaller Shipping

Sending smaller supplies via air freight rather than the sea is more valuable since air freight prices are based on weight rather than quantity.

  • More Choices

With air freight, freight forwarders can provide the buyer with more alternatives, such as consuls and straight routes.

  • Less Risk Of Shipment Disruption

Air freight is typically a better option for carrying fragile products than sea freight, provided the commodities are wrapped properly.

  • Added Traceability

Since shipments can now be more easily traced thanks to flight tracking, corporations may feel safer.

Types Of Air Freight

  1. Priority Air

Priority Air offers an express solution with a well-defined traveling time from the airport to the airport to meet your highest commitment demands.

  • Swift and thorough delivery in 1-3 days.
  • Highly adaptable to the requirements of your cargo.
  • Easily accessible at the airport’s location.
  • Access to a global network interface.
  1. Premium Air

A dependable and effective service that utilizes first-class airlines for combined air freight.

  • Effective delivery in 3-5 days.
  • Everyday fixed arrivals
  • Maximum protection for the cargo
  • The freedom to use a variety of carriers
  1. Economy Air

Depend on a cost-effective option with weekly regularity, optimal being sent, and competitive rates.

  • 5-7 pleasant day shipping.
  • Get the best deal on air freight and profit from its efficiency and dependability.
  • Clear arrangements for transit.
  1. Air Charter 

Developed for clients who want specialized air shipment services, with your control over the timetables, cargo size, security, and dependability. Without the need for a middleman, AVR’s Air Freight provides your singular point of contact for dealing with airlines immediately, preventing delays and containing costs. Get easy accessibility to personalized air freight services anywhere in the world.

  • A committed group of charter specialists.
  • Each day of the year, always accessible.
  • Continuous status updates and constant flight tracking.
  • Very flexible solutions with a focus on performance.
  • Service that is available everywhere.
  1. Sea-Air

Linking your ocean delivery with air transport services will provide you access to a more flexible supply chain. A potent mix that enables you to decrease your deliveries’ carbon emissions while also cutting expenses and time.

  • Shorter transit intervals.
  • Decreased costs
  • Moving products with ease and dependability using single-source technology.
  • One source of information for complete delivery control.
  • Effective remedy for ocean cargo that is postponed.
  • An alternative for markets and routes with limited capacity or high air freight costs.

Development Of Air Freight In Worldwide

AVR plans to boost its air transport capabilities through the acquisition of Senator International, in addition to the widening of its ships with three leasehold B767-300 transport aircraft, deployable from 2022, and twin-engine B777F airplane newbuilds, to be utilized by 2024. This will assist our clients in meeting the growing demands of end users and improve perseverance and quickness in the distribution network. 

From the early 20th century, air freight was extensively made up of multiple primary delivery alternatives in importing and exporting goods when combined with other modes of shipping like the sea, railway, and land. Air cargo has had a massive increase as a sector throughout the last four decades due to the growth of trading routes and markets, and it is now recognized as a successful means of international and domestic shipping.

Air Freight Management With A Freight Forwarder

Import/export companies can choose the most dependable and economical way to use air freight choices to schedule business, personal parcel, or consignment delivery. A brokerage can bargain over the plethora of possibilities and decide which strategy is most appropriate for ensuring prompt and accurate delivery. 

Customs and immigration requirements ought to be planned and well-recorded to ship internationally. By using a third-party company for your air shipment, you can be sure that all facets of your cargo handling are taken care of, from express delivery to customs checks and delivering packages.


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