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Rice Trading

Rice, along with wheat, is the staple crop of millions of people in India and around the world. Rice is one of the most commonly traded commodities in India and the world. Trade in rice is affected by several considerations making the process complex. Let's look at different aspects relating to trading in rice.

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Get the Best Types of Rice Trading with AVR Logistics

Basmati Rice

Basmati rice needs no introduction. It is one of the locally most common and popular varieties of Indian rice. This long-grained rice is commonly used in a plethora of Indian dishes like biryanis, pulao, and other special dishes.

Sona Masoori Rice

Sona Masoori Rice, traded in by AVR Logistics, is another rice variety of India. It is a medium-grain premium variety of rice and is widely applied in South Indian cuisine, including dishes like idli, dosa, and other rice-based preparations.


  Gobindo Bhog

Also known as Jasmine Rice, Gobindo Bhog is mostly grown in West Bengal. It is easily identified by its subtle floral aroma. It can be used in a variety of Bengali sweet dishes and desserts. AVR Logistics is also trade jasmine rice.


Ponni Rice

Ponni Rice is also commonly called South Indian rice and is another popular type of rice in India. AVR Logistics is also trade ponni rice in all over the world

Matta Rice

Matta Rice is a red rice variety from the southern state of Kerala & is also called Kerala Red Rice. It is renowned for its nutty flavour & rich in fibre.


Ambemohar Rice

Ambemohar Rice is an increasingly popular rice variety from Maharashtra. There is used in various traditional dishes like “Puran Poli” and “Khirapat”. 


Biryani Rice

As its name suggests, it is commonly used to prepare biryanis. It is a short-grain variety of rice with a slightly sticky texture.


Red Rice

Also known as Himalayan Red Rice, it is a nutty and nutritious rice variety chiefly grown in the Himalayan region.


Black Rice

Black rice is a rare and exotic rice variety characterized by, as its name suggests, a striking black colour and high nutritional value.

Food Security and Regulations

Rice is critical to food security, and thus, trade in it is heavily regulated. Moreover, its importance for food security has also meant that government and international organizations like World Trade Organisations (WTO) play a critical role in its market. Some countries may also impose tariffs and trade barriers on rice imports to protect their domestic rice producers or to regulate the flow of rice in the market.

Price Fluctuations

Rice is a seasonal crop, and thus, its price witness large fluctuations in prices. The situation is made more complex by the perishability of rice which may force one to let go of rice at a lower price.

The Best Rice Supplier

AVR Logistics is the best supplier and trader in rice to partner with. We trade in export-quality rice and available the same at competitive pricing. Trade in rice is affected by several considerations making the process complex. 

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