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AVR Logistics – A Leading Trading Partner in Boys' Clothing

Whether or not boys will always be boys, they will always need good clothes. The boys' clothing segment is often the most underappreciated one in the clothing industry. However, due to that very reason, it offers the least competition. The clothing market is chiefly divided into three sections, namely men, women, and kids, while kids' clothing is often divided into boys’ and girls’. Compared with other segments, the boys' clothing sector often sees less focus on fashion and trends.

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Trading in the boys’ clothing market can be profitable as long as you know the market basics. So, what are the different aspects that a trader in men’s clothing should be mindful of? Let’s take a look at some of these aspects of boys’ clothes trading:

  • Study the market

First and foremost, you must study the kid’s clothing market and learn about its various aspects like fashion trends, ongoing prices, margins you can expect, etc. It would be best if you also learned about your potential suppliers, distributors, competitors, etc.

  • Size of clothing

Boys’ clothing comes in a variety of sizes as they will grow over the years. From two feet twice that and even more, boys’ clothing thus comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate their growth. Apart from vertical variations, horizontal variations may also have to be considered. The boys’ cloth traders may create divisions like infants, toddlers, little kids, and teenagers.

  • Types of clothes

There are several types of boys’ clothes you can stock – shirts, t-shirts, knickers, pants, jeans, undergarments, and even suits and ethnic wear. To know which type of clothing to choose, you must study the market and know what is in demand.

  • Logistics

Due to their smaller sizes, boys’ clothing only needs a smaller space, but one must still be careful when stocking them from an inventory perspective. You should also consider the distributorship aspect if you aren’t into retail yourself.

  • Consider the fabric

You must also consider the fabric as a boys’ clothes trader. Boys’ clothes come in a variety of fabrics, but you should have a clear idea of which fabric is in demand.

  • Finding good trading partners

It would be best if you also found good trading partners for boys’ clothing. You will need to foster strong working relationships with them so that you can have a smooth scaling in your business.

  • Seasonal variations

The boys’ clothing market also sees massive seasonal variations. Different clothes are in demand in different seasons, and the prices may come down quickly in off-seasons. Thus, you must also be mindful of these seasonal variations as a boys’ cloth trader.

AVR Logistics – A Reliable Trading Partner in Boys’ Clothing and More

Avveeraj Logistics Pvt Ltd, or simply AVR Logistics, is one of the best traders for boys’ clothing in India to partner with. We have several years of experience in trading not only in boys’ clothing but also in all types of clothing (men, women, girls, etc.) So, if you are looking for a trading partner in the clothing segment, especially one who can also put you at a logistic advantage, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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