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Water-based transportation is the oldest and often the cheapest means of transportation. As more and more businesses grow global, our reliance on this means of transportation has only increased. Any business using this means of transportation requires the services of a professional Sea freight forwarder in India.

Sea Freight Services

Sea freight services are one of the most reliable, safest, and economical shipping approaches. It is often considered the oldest way to import and export goods. 

We, at AVR, are fully committed to providing you with the best freight services for personal & business shipments even in a limited time & tight budget. Our team of experts analyzes the attributes of your cargo based on the present market conditions that help improve your shipping strategies, thanks to our globally distributed team. With indigenous knowledge and skilled expertise on all prime trade lanes, we help to deliver your parcel to risky places.  

As a licensed Ocean Freight forwarder, AVR logistics offers supple and integrated sea freights that enable the creation of the most responsive & reliable tailor-made solution in the industry. We are fully dedicated to sea shipment worldwide and offer high capacity and competitive prices so that you can optimize your sea freight services efficiently. 

Our ideal freight services, magnificent capabilities, and competitive price make us meet the needs & requirements of our customers while providing excellent customer service. This is one of the reasons that today, we have earned the high respect and trust of service that becomes a core carrier of choice. Collaborated with cloud-based platforms, we predict plans for further shipment and connect transporters with ocean carriers that help determine the optimal flow of products. 

Key Highlights – Our Sea Freight Forwarding Services

  • We aim to build logistics globally with exceptional quality and efficiency with the extensive knowledge and networks of the industry. 
  • At AVR, we use state-of-the-art technology and prioritize customer satisfaction. 
  • By adopting the integrated technology system with the national & international network, we develop highly optimized and customized supply chain solutions for every client. 
  • Size & volume doesn’t matter when it comes to sea shipments, as being a customer-centric business, we can send large & small-weight goods.
  • We can quickly process all of your shipments securely & safely through the available selected ports, whether you are looking for container loading or personal shipments. 
  • Enjoy the multi-mode transportation for shipping your goods. 
  • Track your shipments in real-time. 
Sea Freight

Ship your packages securely in no time

With years of experience, all shipments are perfectly packed by our experts to ensure safe & timely delivery.


Transparent Pricing

By offering a competitive price, we always want to optimize your sea freight services to the best with any hidden cost.

Warehouse Storage

By offering secure & safe storage of goods, we handle your goods professionally.

Real-Time Tracking

Never miss a single update with our live and real-time tracking option.

Security for Cargo

We know the value of your hard-earned money, and that's why the security of your shipments is our responsibility once you leave our doors.

Easy Payment Methods

Now, use the most convenient payment methods that are fully secure from prying eyes.

Tips For Shipping Freight Forwarding

While ocean shipping is often the best, it can also be somewhat complex, and that is why we recommend the following tips:

  • Get the services of a professional ocean shipping company in India
    Given the complexities and intricacies of ocean shipping, we highly recommend taking the services of a professional sea freight forwarder.

    Choosing the right ocean shipping company in India will be the most crucial step of the process, and we recommend going for a versatile and experienced company. AVR Logistics is the best company for getting sea cargo services in India.

    • Ascertain your shipping freight forwarding needs
      You must ascertain and evaluate your requirements for sea shipment in India and internationally. This must be done systematically, and the following are some of the factors that must be evaluated:

    • Your budget for shipping
    • Any time constraints
    • Amount of cargo to be shipped
    • Types of security features you are looking for
    • Type of containers to be used for shipping
    • How frequently do you expect to have this type of shipping
    • Consider various shipping freight forwarding options.

    You may have the option of choosing from several shipping freight forwarding solutions. A professional sea freight forwarder may help you in learning about your options.

    • Have a clear logistics plan for sea shipment in India
      With the assistance of your sea freight forwarder, you must come up with a thorough logistics plan that not only cares about ocean freight forwarding but also any other challenges you may face.

    • Provide for contingencies with sea shipment in India
      Even with the best ocean freight forwarder in India on your side, there may still be contingencies involved, and you must provide for them.

    • Know the risks involved with sea shipment in India
      A good sea freight forwarder like AVR Logistics can help you reduce the risk involved with sea shipments tremendously, but the risk can never be completely eliminated. Thus, we recommend understanding the various risks involved with the shipments.

    Perks of choosing us as your sea freight forwarder

    Avveeraj Logistics Pvt Ltd., or simply AVR Logistics, has emerged as the premier shipping and logistics solutions provider in the country. We have achieved this status by serving our clients in the best manner possible and by offering a unique and irresistible combination of perks for our clients.

    The following are some of the best perks of choosing us as your sea freight forwarder:

    • Custom solutions for sea shipment in India
      As the leading ocean freight forwarder in India, AVR Logistics offers highly customised solutions to its clients based on their needs and preferences. No matter how small or large the size or volume of your cargo is, we will ship it.

    • Get the best of everything in shipping freight forwarding
      AVR Logistics values the experience of our customers. That is why we use nothing but state-of-the-art shipping technology and solutions.

    • One-stop solution for sea cargo services in India
      We are the only ocean shipping company in India you will need to contact for all your shipments. Both personal shipments and container loading options are available.

    • Combine with other transportation services
      We not only offer ocean deliveries, but we also offer deliveries by railways, roadways, and airways. That also means we are the best service for transportation involving different means of transportation.

    • Real-time tracking
      We know how much your cargo means to you and the anxiousness you may feel to stay updated about its current status. That is why our sea cargo services in India are accompanied by real-time tracking on all orders.

    • Safe and secure sea cargo services in India
      All leading ocean freight forwarder in India provide highly safe and secure shipments.

    • Warehousing and distribution services
      You can also combine our sea cargo services in India with our in-transit warehousing services. We also avail distributor services to our clients.

    • Customer-oriented
      We highly prioritise customer experience and provide flexible solutions every step of the way. You can contact us anytime with any shipping-related queries or requests you may have.

    • Easy and secure payments for sea shipment in India
      As the top ocean shipping company in India, we make everything easy for our clients. You can easily make prompt payments for our services through safe and secure routes.

    • A budget-friendly ocean freight forwarder in India
      Of course, we understand price is a priority consideration for you, and that is why we aspire to be a budget-friendly ocean shipping company in India. All our solutions are available at the most cost-effective rates.

    • Committed to quality
      We avail shipment through ISO containers. These are containers certified by the International Organization for Standardization for carrying the industrial standards for shipments.

    • Experienced ocean freight forwarder in India
      We have experience serving across a plethora of industries and have achieved goodwill for availing specialised services wherever desirable, including project catering shipments.

    • Feeder services
      AVR Logistics can also serve you by acting as the critical link with international container shipping lines. We can do so by giving them simple access to ports and areas that might otherwise be outside of their reach.

    AVR Logistics - For 360-Degree Logistics Solutions At One Place

    At AVR Logistics, we support both national and international logistics; air freight, rail freight, road freight, and air freight are all supported by AVR Logistics. Add services like warehousing solutions, distributor services, and feeding services to the mix, and you will find that we can be your one-stop source for 360-degree logistics solutions. With us on your side, you will not have to look for another ocean freight forwarder in India.

    So, the next time you need shipping freight forwarding services, just contact us. You can do so by giving us a call, requesting a call from us, or sending a WhatsApp message.

    We always prioritize our customers and their queries. You can contact us anytime, 24x7. Our team of experts is there to help you, as we always want your shipment to get on time.

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