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Transport Cargo Services

As Indian businesses cross the confines of local markets to go national and even global, freight has grown increasingly their next hurdle to cross. Avveeraj Logistics Pvt Ltd (AVR Logistics) seeks to help them with innovative, cost-effective logistics freight forwarding solutions.

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Our Transport Cargo Services in India

  • Road or land freight forwarder

Our road or land cargo services are empowered by a combination of the best vehicles and well-trained and responsible drivers.

  • Rail cargo forwarding services

As the leading land freight forwarder, we provide a holistic solution to make transportation seamless.

  • Air freight logistics freight forwarding

Air transportation is the fastest means of moving goods both locally and internationally. AVR’s logistics freight forwarding services will make the process even quicker and hassle-free.

  • Ocean forwarding services

Ocean forwarding has been the best way of moving goods in bulk at cost-effective rates. AVR Logistics provides holistic ocean transport cargo services in India. AVR Logistics avails both Less-Than-Container Load (LCL) and Full-Container Load (FCL) shipments.

More than Just Forwarding Services

AVR Logistics provides more than just transport cargo services in India. Some of our other services include:

  • Warehouse services

Our warehouse services combine well with our cargo forwarding services providing you with an effective solution for moving and storing goods all in one place.

  • Distribution services

We also provide effective and reliable courier services to all our clients enabling them to manage their entire supply chain logistics through us. It combines well with our land cargo services.

  • Feeder services

We also provide critical feeder services for international container shipping lines that shall give them easy access to ports and areas outside of their reach.

  • Custom Clearance services

Getting custom clearance for the goods can often be an arduous task, but with AVR Logistics as your partner, you need not worry.

Advantages that AVR Logistics is the Best Land Freight Forwarding Company in India

AVR Logistics has become the best land freight forwarding company in India as its services come with an array of advantages:

  • Real-time tracking

Naturally, you may want to know where your goods are at any given time. Our real-life tracking service shall enable you to do just that.

  • 360-degree solutions

As must be amply clear from the above lists of services, we can do it all for you – from air cargo forwarding to customs clearance assistance to land cargo services; you will get it all with AVR Logistics.

  • Transparent and affordable pricing 

Whether you need rail, air, road, or land freight forwarder services, AVR Logistics will provide you with an affordable solution based on a transparent pricing system.

  • Customised solutions

Depending on the destination of goods, their nature, and other needs you may have, AVR Logistics will recommend the most optimal forwarding or logistic solution.

  • Prompt and reliable

AVR Logistics has established itself as a prompt and reliable logistics solutions provider in India.

Transport Freight Forwarder – AVR Logistics

In brief, AVR Logistics is simply the best land freight forwarding company in Indiato partner with. So, get in touch with us for our logistics and forwarding solutions.

Freight forwarder

Transparent Pricing

With AVR, you know what you are paying for.

We believe in complete transparency and disclose the actual charges in the contract for cargo services in India. There are no hidden charges in our contract! You will get a detailed breakup of the cost so that everything is clear later on.

Warehouse Storage

We offer warehouse storage for the protection of your goods.

Our efficient and reliable warehouse services protect the quality and quantity of the stored products. Our strategically located warehouses ensure your cargo reaches any part of the nation in time.

Real-Time Tracking

Get access to your shipment’s location anywhere at any time.

With AVR, you can get updates about real-time tracking so that you know where exactly your shipment is at any given point in time. It offers assurance about the safety of your shipment during transit.

Security for Cargo

With AVR, your cargo is protected irrespective of the mode of transport.

As the best logistics company in India, we strive to offer safe shipment services for all shipment modes. Your goods stay protected during the transit until they reach the destination. Protecting the shipment and preserving the quality is our top priority.

Easy Payment Methods

Use a mode of payment of your choice.

With AVR transport company in India, you can choose any preferred mode of payment. Rest assured about the security of your confidential banking information. The flexibility helps our clients in picking a convenient method for making payments.


Ocean Freight

Our ocean cargo services help transport your goods beyond geographical boundaries reducing time and risk.


Rail Freight

Our rail freight services are an economical and efficient mode of transporting goods for long distances with more containers.


Land Freight

We offer a wide array of tailor-made and cost-effective solutions for road transportation across the nation.


Air Freight

Our air cargo service is the fastest mode of communication meant for delivering your urgent orders.