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Find A Reliable Trading Partner for Kids' Clothing in AVR Logistics

Kids' clothing is witnessing a soaring demand and interest as people's incomes are increasing, and they wish to spend it on their children. That has made the kids segment profitable, and many kids' clothing brands have emerged over the past few years. Trading in kids' clothes in India is now more profitable than ever.

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However, trading in kids’ clothing will only be profitable if you understand the market basics. The following are some helpful tips to help a business that may already be in business or one that is looking to enter into it:

  • Boys versus girls’ clothing

The kids’ clothing market can be divided into two chief categories – boys and girls. Though they bare both kids’ clothing yet, the two categories have significant differences. Moreover, most customers go for gender-specific clothing for kids rather than unisexual options. Different colours may be preferred for boys and girls – pink and red, for example, are normally for girls, and grey and blue for boys. Moreover, girls’ clothing has a higher diversity and is more resplendent with colour variations. You may choose to trade in only boys’ clothing or only girls’ clothing.

Again, both boys and girls clothing have several types of clothes. Girls’ clothing can include skirts, shirts, jeans, frocks, etc., and for boys, they may include shirts, t-shirts, pants, jeans, etc. You may also want to consider various ethnic wear options.

  • Understand the market fundamentals

As a kids’ clothes trading partner, you must also develop an understanding of market fundamentals, for example, demand patterns, supply chain logistics, etc.

  • Size of clothing

Kids’ clothing can include clothes for toddlers to those that may be as tall as adolescents. You might thus find yourself trading in clothes of all sizes, or you can choose to trade in clothes of only particular sizes. Normally, kids’ clothing is divided into three categories – for toddlers (0 to 2 years), smaller children (2 to 6 years), and children of age 6 to 12 years.

  • Logistics

Trading in kids’ clothing also comes with its own challenges, including finding good warehouses to store them, supply chain-related issues, and management of inventory. A kid’s clothing trader must find solutions to these challenges. Having a seasoned trading partner in children’s wear will offer a good advantage.

  • Consider the quality of the fabric

You must also ensure that the clothing will be of kid-friendly quality. You must also look for a fabric that is in demand in the market.

  • Seasonal variations

Much like men’s and women’s clothing, kids’ wear also goes through seasonal variations, and you must manage your inventory accordingly.

AVR Logistics – A Reliable Kids’ Clothes Trading Partner

Whether you want to trade in only boys’ clothing, girls’ clothing, or both, you will find one of the best partners in AVR Logistics. In fact, you can find a reliable partner in us for men’s and women’s clothes as well. We avail clothes made of child-friendly fabric and of the latest fashion and provide logistic advantages to our trading partners. So, contact us to learn more about how you can benefit by partnering with us to trade kids’ clothes.

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