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Benefit From Our Professional Cargo Shipping Services

AVR offers a wide array of logistic services in India that makes the shipping process simplified and efficient for our clients. We help you improve your courier packages by air in no time in the most reliable & safest way. By addressing the difficult challenges, we offer innovative ideas to arrange the transportation of your freight and find the solutions to get your job done.

Freight Forwarding Services Provided by AVR Logistics

As the premier and the best logistics company in India, we endeavor to provide 360-degree solutions to our clients. That is why you will find a plethora of freight services with us, including the following:

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Rail Freight & Logistics Services in India

Railways are a critical part of the logistics plan of enterprises in India. AVR Logistics is the best logistics company in India in the country to benefit from this cheap means of in-land transportation.

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Road Freight and Cargo Service in India

Road transportation is the most common element in logistics. As the top transport company in India, we provide the best road transportation and cargo services in cost-effective ways.

air forwarding in India

Air Freight Forwarding Services

The fastest means of transportation is often desirable for both local and international enterprises. AVR Logistics provides optimum air freight services for all our clients.

ocean freight services

Sea Logistics Services in India

Maritime transportation has often been considered the cheapest means of logistics and transportation. Our sea freight service in India provides holistic solutions for the transportation of goods.

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Warehousing Services

As a leading transport company in India, we understand that our clients will have in-transit storage requirements, whatever means of transportation they may choose.

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Distribution Services

Want a reliable distributor services? AVR Logistics is the best logistics company in India for you. Our distribution services are reliable, prompt, and dependable.

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Feeder Services

As the country’s top transport company in India, AVR Logistics also avails feeder services. That means if your international shipping lines are not able to access the ports or areas you desire for any reason, we shall provide that link.

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Around-the-clock Tracking

It is your goods, and thus, it is only natural that you want to keep an eye on them. Thus, AVR Logistics provides around-the-clock tracking services to all our clients for goods in transit or stored with us.

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Customized Solutions

As the top logistics services in India, we provide customized solutions to our clients. AVR Logistics will do it for you. We avail both Less-Than-Container Load (LCL) and Full-Container Load (FCL) shipments.

Partner with AVR Logistics For All the Freight Services

AVR Logistics endeavours to provide the best services to all our clients all the time. Moreover, all these freight forwarding services are availed with a transparent pricing model. AVR Logistics avails premium quality services at the best prices in the market. We use state-of-the-art technologies and have well-trained professionals to ensure the highest quality of service for all our customers.

You can thus partner with us to get the best cargo service in India. Partnering with us will help you gain that competitive advantage that comes from a hundred percent secure and fast logistics solutions and thus help your business come to the forefront of this industry. So, contact AVR Logistics today to get the best logistics experience.


Transparent Pricing

With AVR, you know what you are paying for.

We believe in complete transparency and disclose the actual charges in the contract for cargo services in India. There are no hidden charges in our contract! You will get a detailed breakup of the cost so that everything is clear later on.

Warehouse Storage

We offer warehouse storage for the protection of your goods.

Our efficient and reliable warehouse services protect the quality and quantity of the stored products. Our strategically located warehouses ensure your cargo reaches any part of the nation in time.

Real-Time Tracking

Get access to your shipment’s location anywhere at any time.

With AVR, you can get updates about real-time tracking so that you know where exactly your shipment is at any given point in time. It offers assurance about the safety of your shipment during transit.

Security for Cargo

With AVR, your cargo is protected irrespective of the mode of transport.

As the best logistics company in India, we strive to offer safe shipment services for all shipment modes. Your goods stay protected during the transit until they reach the destination. Protecting the shipment and preserving the quality is our top priority.

Easy Payment Methods

Use a mode of payment of your choice.

With AVR transport company in India, you can choose any preferred mode of payment. Rest assured about the security of your confidential banking information. The flexibility helps our clients in picking a convenient method for making payments.