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ISO Container Transportation

An ISO container is an international container that is manufactured and constructed according to the specifications given by ISO (International Organization for Standardization). These tanks are made of high-strength steel and have to meet strict safety standards specified by ISO to be certified. 

ISO container transportation requires specially designed tanks to move liquids and other kinds of cargo. ISO containers are also suitable for ships, rail, and trucks. 

ISO containers hold themselves proudly as they guarantee to withstand any extreme environmental conditions or structural integrity that they may face through travel and movement over land and sea. In the ISO standardizations, it is also stated that containers have to compulsorily meet the size and durability requirements, so that they can be stacked up easily, safely, and uniformly on steamships and trains. 

These containers are inspected at least once in 30 months by a certified inspector to ensure that there are no specs in the container. 

What To Choose ISO Container Transportation?

There are many benefits when it comes to choosing an ISO container transportation according to your needs –

  • Versatility

ISO tanks are used to transport a variety of commodities which makes them a versatile shipping solution. 

  • Safety

ISO tanks have various safety measures fitted in them which ensures the safe transport of your cargo.

  • Cost-effective

ISO container transportation is a very cost-effective shipping solution for your business. 

How Many Liters Have An ISO tank?

ISO tanks are available in different sizes and the size depends on your shipping needs. The capacity, although, depends on the size of the tank but they generally vary between 28,000 to 39,000 liters.

Types Of ISO Containers

There are several types of ISO containers in the market –

  • Flat Racks And Platforms

These ISO containers are used to transport heavy machinery. These containers do not have side walls but have end bulkheads and are collapsible.

  • Open Top Containers

These are box-shaped containers and are loaded from either top or end. These are designed to carry heavy and tall materials which are difficult to load such as coal or grain.

  • Dry Freight/ Cube Containers

These are front-loaded containers and are completely enclosed. These are suitable for general-purpose transportation.

  • Insulated/ Thermal Containers

These containers are made for the transportation of chilled and frozen goods as well as materials and products that are temperature sensitive. The walls of these containers are insulated and not refrigerated.

  • Reefer/ Refrigerator Containers

These containers are temperature controlled and have an integral refrigeration unit. They are used to ship and transport perishables or other items that require a specific temperature to be in good condition.

  • Tank Containers

These are built as per the standards specified by ISO containers but they are cylindrical vessels mounted on a rectangular steel framework. These types of containers are used to transport liquid or bulk materials.


ISO containers are ideal shipping containers as these are designed according to the standards set by the International Standards Organization (ISO). The regulations by ISO allow using the space as efficiently as possible regardless of the method of transport.


Standard ISO containers are around 8 feet and 6 inches but they are available in various heights ranging from 4 feet to 9 feet and 6 inches. Containers that are 9 feet and 6 inches high are called extended height or high cube containers while 4 feet and 4 feet 6 inches containers are known as half height containers.


The majority of ISO containers are 8 feet wide. ISO containers exceeding this size can be grouped into two other size ranges. Alpha characters like C, D, E, and F denote containers that are greater than 2,438 mm but less than 2500 mm. Containers with a width over 2500 mm are denoted by letters like L, M, N, and P. 


20 and 40 feet are the most common lengths. 24, 28, 44, 45, 46, 53, and 56 ft are some other lengths that can be found in cargo.

How To Know Your Cargo Will Be Safe?

ISO tanks have to strictly follow safety standards to get certified. The containers are made of high-strength steel and have safety measures like –

  • A pressure valve to release the pressure in case any emergency happens
  • An overpressure alarm that will alert the driver on the tank becoming too full
  • A temperature gauge that will monitor the temperature of the cargo
  • A loading/ unloading valve that can control the flow of cargo in and out of the tank

What Can You Transport With an ISO Tank Container?

Some of the most common commodities that are transported in ISO these tanks are –

  • Oil and petroleum products
  • Chemicals
  • Food and beverage products
  • Pharmaceuticals

How Are ISO Tanks Shipped?

These types of tanks are shipped with the help of a truck or rail. The mode of transportation depends upon your needs.

Offering the Best Bulk Liquid Tank Transportation Services

Offering The Best Bulk Liquid Tank Transportation Services

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Get the Best Container Transportation Services at AVR Logistics

Shipping liquids or perishable items is difficult and presents many peculiar challenges, including spillage and contamination. Similarly, carrying heavy machinery has its own challenges. That is why they require special container transportation services. ISO containers shipping

If your business needs to transport liquids, perishables, or other sensitive items, then you must look for ISO containers shipping. As the name suggests, these are containers certified by the International Organization for Standardization for the purpose of transportation of liquids. Moreover, they are inspected by a certified inspector every thirty months.

Also known as ISO tank container transportation, the containers used for the purpose are of the highest quality and strength; and capable of withstanding difficult conditions. Sometimes also called an ISO freight container, such a container can be used for shipping, rail, and road transportation alike. They can have a capacity of up to thirty-nine thousand litres.

The best way of using transportation based on ISO shipping container in India is to go for AVR Logistics.

Advantages of Taking a Shipping Container Transport Service

  • Versatile
    One of the biggest advantages of going for container transportation services is that they are highly versatile, as they can be used for all types of transportation.

  • Cost-effective
    Using ISO tank container transportation can effectively reduce the risk of loss of the contained product and is thus the most cost-effective way of moving the goods.

  • Secure
    ISO freight container is as safe as it gets, and thus, using such a service is the most secure method of transporting goods.

Types of ISO Freight Containers at AVR Logistics

The following are the chief types of containers offered by our container transportation services:

  • Flat Racks and Platforms
    These containers don’t have side walls but have end bulkheads. They are collapsible and mostly used for transporting heavy machinery.

  • Open Top ISO Containers Shipping
    Mostly used to carry heavy materials, this type of ISO shipping container in India is loaded from either top or end. They are ideal for coal, minerals, and grains.

  • Dry Freight or Cube ISO Containers Shipping
    Front-loaded and completely enclosed, they are used for general-purpose shipping container transport service.

  • Insulated or Thermal Containers
    These containers have insulated walls, and they are used for chilled and frozen goods or any other product that might be temperature sensitive. Please note that they are not refrigerated.

  • Reffer or Refrigerator Containers
    As their name suggests, these containers come with an integral refrigeration unit. This type of shipping container transport service is thus perfect for perishable items or any other products that might require a specific temperature.

  • ISO Tank Container Transportation
    These comprise cylindrical vessels that have been mounted on a rectangular steel framework, and this type of ISO container shipping is perfect for transporting liquid or bulk materials.

AVR Logistics - The Best Service for Transporting ISO Shipping Container in India

AVR Logistics is the premier shipping container transport service in India. We provide custom logistics solutions to all our customers depending on their needs. So, if your enterprise needs ISO container services, then just request a call from us.

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