AVR Logistics: A Reliable Fashion Clothes Trading Partner

The Indian clothing industry has always been huge, and it continues to grow as the demand for newer and better garments grows in the country. Over the past few years, India has even developed a customer base that is willing to pay more for the brand of fabric, designer, and even for purely aesthetic appeal. It is perhaps more apt, thus, to call India's clothing industry a fashion industry.

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The clothing or fashion industry can be divided into various sections depending on the wearer, including:

  •   Women’s Clothing

When one thinks of the fashion industry, it is women’s clothing that first comes to mind. Women’s clothing gets a prestigious place and has the lion’s share in the clothing market. There is a tremendous variety of clothing options in this section, including dozens of Indian ethnic wears like salwars, kurtis, sarees, etc., as well as western clothing like tops, skirts, frocks, summer dresses, tank tops, nightdresses, undergarments, etc. Women’s clothing also sees the biggest margins and often the highest competition.

  •   Men’s Clothing

Men’s clothing section has grown in importance in the past few decades as men are increasingly paying more attention to their looks and grooming. Like women’s clothes, men’s clothing has both ethnic as well as Western options. While the variety is not as diverse as women’s clothes, it can still be immense.

  •   Kids’ Clothing

With the growing middle class, more people are willing to pay extra to dress their kids in a more fashionable way. Kids’ clothing options can be categorized into two chief categories depending on the gender of the intended wearer – boys and girls. They may also be classified according to the age or size of the wearer – like for infants, toddlers, etc. These categories are important for the design and colour of clothing and the quality of its fabric.

Smart Tips for Succeeding in Fashion Trading

The following are some smart tips that can help one succeed in the fashion industry:

  • Choose the intended market – men, women, kids, or more than one of them
  • Study the market for the intended segment of clothing for various aspects like types of clothes in demand, pricing, margins, etc.
  • Have an eye for fashion trends. Fashion, which is more aesthetic than functional value, is often the biggest determinant of the market trends in the clothing industry.
  • Study the seasonal variations in demand for your intended market.
  • Find and partner with reliable trading partners, trying to foster strong relationships with them.
  • Know various logistics challenges relating to the fashion industry, such as storage, inventory management, etc., and develop strategies for them.
  • Choose only the best and highest quality fabric for your clothes.

AVR Logistics – A Reliable Clothes Trading Partner

AVR Logistics is an experienced trader in the fashion industry. We trade in all categories of clothing mentioned above – men, women, and kids (both boys and girls). So, whichever segment you may specialize in, you will find a reliable and dependable trading partner in us. So, contact us today if you are looking for a reliable fashion clothes trading partner who can also avail you of a valuable logistic advantage.

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Our efficient and reliable warehouse services protect the quality and quantity of the stored products. Our strategically located warehouses ensure your cargo reaches any part of the nation in time.

Real-Time Tracking

Get access to your shipment’s location anywhere at any time.

With AVR, you can get updates about real-time tracking so that you know where exactly your shipment is at any given point in time. It offers assurance about the safety of your shipment during transit.

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With AVR, your cargo is protected irrespective of the mode of transport.

As the best logistics company in India, we strive to offer safe shipment services for all shipment modes. Your goods stay protected during the transit until they reach the destination. Protecting the shipment and preserving the quality is our top priority.

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With AVR transport company in India, you can choose any preferred mode of payment. Rest assured about the security of your confidential banking information. The flexibility helps our clients in picking a convenient method for making payments.


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