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Pulses are one of the most valuable and underrated food items in India. In a largely vegetarian country, they are a valuable source of proteins. They are also relatively inexpensive, so it is hardly surprising that they enjoy such tremendous popularity in the country.

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Varieties of Pulses Traded in India

The following are some of the chief varieties of pulses found in India:

  •   Chana

Also known as chickpeas, chana is one of the most nutritious varieties of pulses.

  •   Masoor Dal

Masoor Dal is red in colour. These red lentils are mostly used to make quick and nutritious dal dishes.

  •   Moong Dal

Moong Dal is green in colour and is one of the richest sources of protein. It can be used to make several Indian dishes.

  •   Kala Chana

Also known as Bengal Gram in some parts of the country, these pulses are like chickpeas except black in colour.

  •   Toor Dal

Toor Dal is also known as pigeon peas, and these pulses serve as a staple food in many regions of the country.

  •   Urad Dal

Also known as black dal or Black Lentils, these pulses are versatile and can be used to make a variety of Indian dishes.

  •   Arhar Dal

Also known as Tur Dal in some parts of India, these yellow pigeon peas find several uses in Indian cuisine.

  •   Matar

Matar are green Peas and are used to make delectable Indian dishes.

  •   Rajma 

Also known as Red Kidney Beans, Rajma is another type of pulses used in North India.

  •   Dalia

Dalia is peas and finds use in many Indian soups and the popular Indian dish khichdi.

Please note that this list is hardly exhaustive. Kulith (Horse Gram and popular in South India, Lima Beans (Sem), Moth Beans (Matki), and cowpeas (Lobia) are some other popular varieties of pulses in India. Different pulses enjoy different levels of popularity in different parts of the country.

Tips for Trading in Pulses

The following are some helpful tips if you are trading in pulses:

  •   Consider the quality of pulses

Ensure that pulses don’t have any impurities mixed in them and are of desirable quality. Hire an expert if you have any doubts, and also check certifications if any may be desirable.

  •   Consider the target market

You must also study the target market well and ensure that it has a demand for the pulses you intend to trade in.

  •   Find the right partners

If you wish to trade in pulses, you must find trustworthy and reliable partners.

  •   Consider logistics

The logistics of trading in pulses, especially transportation and storage, must be considered as not only do they add to the cost of pulses, but they can also be critical to ensure that they won’t spoil.

AVR Logistics – The Most Reliable Partner in Pulses

Be it moong, more, or Arhar, you can partner with AVR Logistics for trading in all types of pulses. So, just give us a call to take a first step towards a profitable partnership.


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