AVR Logistics – A Reliable Trader and Supplier of Stationary

Stationary is a growing industry in India. There are several types of stationery products, and no fixed method of classifying them. The following are some of the chief types of stationeries traded in by AVR Logistics:

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  • Writing tools like pencils (of different darkness), markers, highlighters, and pens (including fountain pens, gel pens, ballpoint pens, and calligraphy pens).
  • different types of paper, including bond paper or writing paper, copy paper, printer paper, cardstock, newsprint, kraft paper, magazine paper, watercolour paper, tissue paper, construction paper, vellum paper, parchment paper, carbonless paper or NCR paper (No Carbon Required), label paper, art paper, embossed paper, security paper, thermal paper, tracing paper, and eco-friendly paper.
  • Paper products include notebooks of different types, diaries, Notepads, Sticky notes, Printer paper, drawing paper, binder clips, paper clips, sticky notes, envelopes, watercolour paper, letterheads, index cards, post-it pads, etc.
  • Art supplies like sketchbooks, art paper, canvas, paints and colours (of all types including sketches, oils, and pencil colours), easels, colour pallets, brushes, pastels, charcoal, and watercolour paper
  • Geometry tools and sets include rulers, erasers, sharpeners, dividers, compasses, protectors, etc.
  • Boards and presentation tools like whiteboards and whiteboard markers, chalkboards, projector screens, flip charts, laser pointers, presentation boards, etc.
  • Stationary tools used for organizing files like desk organizers, file folders, document holders, file labels, filing cabinets, drawer units, etc.
  • Some other supplies like staplers, correction tapes, scissors, glue sticks, calculators, binders, push pins, rubber bands, scissors, tape dispensers, rubber bands, hole punchers, transparencies, push pins, rubber stamps, etc. 

If you didn’t see an item you are interested in but not listed here, you can contact AVR Logistics to make inquiries.

Tips for Trading in Stationary

The following are some of the helpful tips for succeeding in trading stationary:

  •   Trade in a variety of stationery products

It is often sensible to trade in several different types of trading products. That shall help you better leverage your efforts to create goodwill for your enterprise. Moreover, retailers, too, like traders, can meet several of their needs. You may start with a niche, like paper-based products or painting stationary, and expand your business gradually as well.

  •   Understanding the market

Different markets have demand for different types of stationery. For example, people in rural areas may like budget-friendly stationary while those in wealthier parts may like to have premium quality stationary products.

  •   Developing lasting relationships

In most parts of India, there is no dearth of traders in stationary products, and thus, your biggest asset in this trade will be your relationships. These relationships must be built by traders in stationary with both the best suppliers and all their clients.

AVR Logistics – the Best Trading Partner in Stationary

AVR Logistics has gained a reputation as one of India’s best suppliers and traders of stationery products of all types by offering several valuable advantages to our partners:

  • Best pricing
  • Only quality products
  • Goodwill and trust in trading with one of the best stationary traders in India
  • Bulk deliveries

So, if you are looking for a trading partner or supplier in stationery, just contact AVR Logistics to know more.


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