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India is, by and large, an agricultural country, but while rice and wheat are often considered its most important crops, maize, too, plays a valuable role. Also known as corn, maize is grown all over India. Trading in maize requires a working knowledge of various types of maize and some other aspects discussed here.

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Types of Maize

While there are several varieties of maize cultivated and traded in India, most of them are local. Some of the more popular varieties of maize include the following:

  •   Field Corn

Field corn is mostly starchy in content with very little sugar and is thus mostly used to feed animals.

  •   Sweet Corn

One of the most popular varieties of maize in India is sweet corn. As its name suggests, it is sweet, and that’s because it is harvested at just the right moment to ensure maximum sweetness. Due to this sweet taste, sweet corn has a plethora of uses as an ingredient in recipes and can also be used as a snack.

  •   Flint Corn 

Also known as Dent Corn, Flint Corn is widely cultivated in several parts of the country. It has been traditionally used in Indian cuisine after being ground down into cornmeal.

  •   Baby Corn

As its name suggests, baby corn is a tiny, immature ear of maize. The small size is owed to the fact that it is harvested early and is used across the country as a vegetable.

  •   Popcorn

Probably the most popular variety of maize, whether in India or across the world, remains popcorn even though it is not grown in India. This corn with a hard external shell covering a starchy interior needs no introduction. It gets its name from the fact that it will puff up when heated. That’s because it is filled with moisture which turns into a stream and creates pressure from inside the shell.

Apart from the above, many local indigenous varieties have evolved to better adapt to local weather conditions. There are also many hybrid varieties like flint corn, sweet corn, dent corn, etc.

Other Considerations For Buying Maize

The following are some other tips that can help you trade in maize:

  •   Ensure you have a market

First and foremost, you must begin by ensuring that you will have a market for the maize you are buying so that you have an idea of where you will be reselling it. If you intend to sell them in particular locations, ensure that the type of maize you are buying has a local demand.

  •   Ensure quality and certifications

It is also recommended that you should ensure that the maize you are trading is of the highest quality and authentic. In some markets, particular quality certifications will be desirable.

  •   Consider the logistics

Logistics is one of the biggest factors that traders in maize must consider, as the transportation and storing of maize will add considerably to its costs.

AVR Logistics – Your Best Partner for Trading in Maize

AVR Logistics can be your best trading partner for maize as well as many other food items like rice and pulses. If you are interested, AVR Logistics will always love to hear from you.

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