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AVR Logistics - A Reliable Trading Partner for All Types of Resources

Resources fuel our economy in India, and it takes a good flow of a plethora of resources for an economy to function properly. AVR Logistics has built a reputation as a reliable and experienced trading partner in several products, including:

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  • Food products like rice, maize, pulses, sugar, oil, edible oil, spices etc.
  • Clothing including men’s, women’s, and children’s (both boys’ and girls’).
  • Confectionary items, including chocolates, candies, etc.
  • Household products
  • Agricultural tools and equipment like sprayers, cutting and pruning tools, mowers and trimmers, garden utilities, shovels, tampers, digging tools, rakes, cultivating tools, fogging machines, insecticides, pesticides, stickers, spreaders, fertilizers, soil additives, etc. 
  • Used Automobiles
  • Automotive accessories and parts, including indoor automotive accessories and cleaning and maintenance accessories for automobiles like air compressor pumps, car scratch removers, car lightings, fog lights, headlights, LED projection lights, light bulbs, tires, car washers, and car vacuum cleaners.
  • Hair and hair products
  • Stationary including a variety of paper and other products
  • All other types of resources

Please note that the above list is for illustrative purposes only and is not exhaustive. If you don’t see your product on the list, just contact us to know whether we trade in the same.

Our ocean cargo services help transport your goods beyond geographical boundaries reducing time and risk.

Our rail freight services are an economical and efficient mode of transporting goods for long distances with more containers.

We offer a wide array of tailor-made and cost-effective solutions for road transportation across the nation.

Our air cargo service is the fastest mode of communication meant for delivering your urgent orders.