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Spice trade has long been one of India's most prominent strengths. It was our spices, among other things, that first made Westerners search for routes to India. Even today, they are one of the country's biggest exports. India's dominance in species is owed largely to the biggest factors - its diverse cuisine that makes lavish use of species creating a handsome local demand and spice traders. Trading in species is an excellent venture, but much like every other business, it requires some knowledge of the market.

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Aspects of the Spice Trade in India

Some of these aspects of the spice trade in India are mentioned below

  • Types of Spices

A plethora of species are traded in India, all having different characteristics and getting different demands in different markets. Some of the most common types include Black Pepper (often called the king of spices due to its popularity), Cardamom (comes in green and black varieties), Turmeric, Cumin, Coriander, Cinnamon, Cloves, Fenugreek, Chilli Peppers, Asafoetida (more commonly known as “hing” in India), Saffron, and Curry Leaves.

  • Use of Spices

Though traditional use to ‘spice food up,’ that is, to add a strong taste to food, species are also used as colouring agents, cosmetics (particularly turmeric), and even for their health benefits, especially in Indian traditional medicinal systems like Ayurveda. That also means that spices are demanded in industries like the food industry, cosmetic industry, wellness industry, etc. You might find demand for spices in these industries.

  • Quality Considerations

You must ensure that you only deal in only the highest quality of spices. Some markets even require certain quality certifications or approval by regulatory authorities. It may also be desirable if spices are of organic quality.

  • Storage Management

Even if you are only buying spices just to resell them later, you must store them in the meantime. That is not easy, as spices may easily get spoiled when exposed to adverse weather conditions. Thus, you must find storage that optimizes the life of spices.

  • Transportation

Another logistic challenge relating to spices is transporting them to or from your chosen storage. You will have to partner with transportation services that offer a safe and hygienic way of transporting the spices, particularly given the packaging (or lack thereof) for your spices.

  • Finding a Reliable Species Trading Partner

A trader’s biggest asset is often not their stock in trade but their goodwill; that is, how reliable they are considered by their trading partner. Thus, you must find the right spice trading partners and foster strong relationships with them. Of course, you must, in turn, prove your reliability to them over time.

  • Cost Considerations

You must, of course, be mindful of various price and cost considerations, including seasonal variations, if any, when trading in species.

AVR Logistics – Your Trustworthy Trading Partner

AVR Logistics is a trader with the perfect understanding of various intricacies of the spice trade and thus is a reliable and trustworthy trading partner. Not only spices, but we also trade in several other food items like rice, maize, sugar, etc. If you are interested or have any queries, then just get in touch with us to learn more.


Transparent Pricing

With AVR, you know what you are paying for.

We believe in complete transparency and disclose the actual charges in the contract for cargo services in India. There are no hidden charges in our contract! You will get a detailed breakup of the cost so that everything is clear later on.

Warehouse Storage

We offer warehouse storage for the protection of your goods.

Our efficient and reliable warehouse services protect the quality and quantity of the stored products. Our strategically located warehouses ensure your cargo reaches any part of the nation in time.

Real-Time Tracking

Get access to your shipment’s location anywhere at any time.

With AVR, you can get updates about real-time tracking so that you know where exactly your shipment is at any given point in time. It offers assurance about the safety of your shipment during transit.

Security for Cargo

With AVR, your cargo is protected irrespective of the mode of transport.

As the best logistics company in India, we strive to offer safe shipment services for all shipment modes. Your goods stay protected during the transit until they reach the destination. Protecting the shipment and preserving the quality is our top priority.

Easy Payment Methods

Use a mode of payment of your choice.

With AVR transport company in India, you can choose any preferred mode of payment. Rest assured about the security of your confidential banking information. The flexibility helps our clients in picking a convenient method for making payments.


Ocean Freight

Our ocean cargo services help transport your goods beyond geographical boundaries reducing time and risk.


Rail Freight

Our rail freight services are an economical and efficient mode of transporting goods for long distances with more containers.


Land Freight

We offer a wide array of tailor-made and cost-effective solutions for road transportation across the nation.


Air Freight

Our air cargo service is the fastest mode of communication meant for delivering your urgent orders.