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Streamlining International Shipping With Air Freight: How AVR Logistics Makes It Possible

Though the major quantum of global commercial transactions occurs by sea, air transport comes a close second. Shipping cargo through air cargo companies in India has proved to be safe and convenient.

Thus, air-freight is regarded as one of the best ways to conduct international trade. Even the biggest manufacturing companies are starting to consider using air freight forwarding services.

In the past, when air transport was not the norm, exporters and importers used sea transport as the major logistics service. But today, airfreight forwarding has become popular, which comprises the transport of goods by air, either on a contracted or a planned flight.

Several businesses like Air-freight forwarding since it makes sure that their products will safely reach any location where airplanes can fly to and from. Another attraction of air transport is the timeliness of the service as it offers forwarding of cargo in the shortest time possible.

Air transport helps small and medium businesses to get involved in world trade with the same degree of success as big businesses. Items transported by air are also the most protected and safest because of the nature of air freight forwarding.



Freight forwarding by air or air cargo services in India has the following benefits:

  • Efficiency: Transport by air is much more efficient because what would take many days to transport will be reached within a couple of hours.
  • Affordability: For small consignments, air transport is much more cost-effective.
  • More options: There are varied options for shipping like straight routes or winding routes.
  • Less risky: Carrying fragile items is safer with the use of air transport.
  • Easy tracking: Airt borne shipments are easier to track.


Role of AVR logistics

At the heart of global trade

Logistics covers the whole path from manufacture to delivery. The company AVR, being experts, serve as the director of air transport, ensuring that every stage in the process of logistics is delivered with excellence and precision.

Holistic approach

AVR takes pride in the holistic management of cargo. From the stage of cargo manufacture to delivery to its final destination, AVR combines strategic partnerships and a dedication to excellence to offer clients robust logistics solutions.

Global connectivity

Connectivity is a vital factor in global commerce. AVR enjoys the strategic position as the gateway to the world encouraging global alliances and connections. Through air-freight forwarding, AVR uses a wide network to ensure that logistics cargo is shipped smoothly across borders, overcoming all geographical and political constraints.

Timely deliveries

The bst part about air-shipping of cargo is the factor of time. AVR understands the urgency of time faced by businesses and is dedicated to delivering their cargo on time. Punctuality is thus a key quality of this logistics company.

Initiatives for sustainability

AVR logistics is also committed to the objective of a sustainable future. It invests in green solutions like eco-friendly practices and optimised routes of transport. It is doing its part to ensure a logistics industry that is more environmentally conscious.

In sum, international trade enabled by air-freight shipping has revolutionised the way businesses operate on a global scale. Smooth integration of air-freight in the supply chain throws open matchless benefits, including improved efficiency, reduced time and a rise in customer satisfaction.