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What Is The Role Of Freight Forwarders?

Freight forwarders serve as critical functionaries in the transport industry by aiding companies in streamlining the process of shipping goods. The import and export of goods are becoming time-consuming and expensive activities, particularly for companies in the bulk shipping business. Freight forwarders can aid in enhancing efficiency while reducing expenses.


A freight forwarder basically arranges and organises the shipping and storage of merchandise or cargo for the sake of shippers. They help keep imports and exports of businesses flowing. They are also called forwarding agents.

Freight forwarders do more than the average shipping company. They enter into contracts with a specific carrier or many carriers for the transport of goods. They do not actually move the goods but serve as an overseer of logistics.

They make use of multiple carriers like trucks, railroads, aeroplanes and ships. They may use multiple modes for the sake of one shipment to optimise logistics. For instance, a freight forwarder might ship some cargo by truck to an airport and from the airport to a port by means of railroad.

Another main service done by a freight forwarder is the handling of documentation. They handle the invoice, bill of lading, export declaration, and other shipper documents that are needed by the carriers as well as countries of import and export.

Freight forwarders often deal with packaging to help businesses. This task has differing degrees of toughness based on the nature of the product and where its destination is. For instance, shipping by air calls for lightweight packaging.

They also help companies with the labelling of packaging. This is to ensure that labels contain accurate information about the content of products, any hazardous ingredients, the products’ source of origin, and any details to be translated.

Why work with a freight forwarder?

It is possible to export and import on your own. But the import and export of goods comprise tremendous amounts of regulations and documentation which vary between different countries. Only by joining hands with an internationally experienced freight forwarder can you ensure success with shipping goods globally.

Expertise in shipping companies and the customs and documentation laws of various countries is the responsibility of freight forwarders. When you work with experienced freight forwarders, you can save money and time and gain dependable transport services at cost-effective rates.

All companies dealing with global shipping of goods can benefit by tying up with a freight forwarder. It is particularly beneficial when in-house resources and team members are not totally ready to handle the procedures of global shipping.

Following are some reasons to work with freight forwarders:

  • They can be held accountable
  • They have the right experience
  • They know about shipping seasons
  • They enable ancillary services such as tracking cargo
  • They have good relationships with global partners
  • They help ensure compliance with laws and regulations
  • They help with warehousing
  • They deliver exceptional customer service
  • They have expertise in global payment methods

In sum, though freight forwarders do not physically handle the shipment of cargo, they work along with cargo companies that do the same so as to plan and oversee the whole process of shipping goods from origin to final destination. They tie up with companies that ship merchandise by air, rail, road or sea.