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Why Choose Sea Freight Over Air Freight?

Businesses face indecision when choosing between sea or air freight services. Logistics and transportation are crucial business aspects and improve the user experience. Owners and authorities of enterprises need to weigh the pros and cons of both choices before jumping to any conclusion. 

When it comes to imports and exports, businesses have a proclivity for sea freight forwarding services. Despite the huge gap in delivery time, sea freights are more business-friendly. With the same, they facilitate a positive impact on businesses by influencing the quality of transit and overall profitability. In this blog, we will explore the aspects of sea frights to understand why they are a compelling case. 

Sea and Air Freights-Introduction and Modus Operandi

Sea freight involves goods transportation through the sea or ocean channel. It is a widely preferred logistics mode, enabling businesses to transport goods across international borders. It is done with cargo ships that traverse the vast expanses of the world’s oceans and seas. It is the most practical option for companies willing to locate large or relatively higher quantities of goods. It is mainly due to their ability to accommodate this higher bulk of goods and cost-effectiveness. However, the delay due to several factors is not new to ocean freight. 

In the case of air freight, goods are carried across international borders by a cargo plane. They are preferred particularly for fast and efficient delivery of goods. Businesses prefer the same when it comes to meeting some urgencies. Moreover, businesses seek the best air freight services in India, like AVR logistics, for transporting lightweight and high-value items. However, it is subjective and depends on the business module. The most common industries that prefer air freight are electronics, pharmaceuticals, and luxury products. When compared with sea freight, these are costly. 

Why Businesses Must Use Freights?

The following are the reasons that make freight a better option for businesses:-

On-Time Delivery:
Freights ensure an organized pickup and delivery system that facilitates businesses and enterprises with a better consumer experience.

Freight companies are experts in managing logistics and ensuring goods are carried out in the defined location without any disorientation, making the same a much more efficient option for businesses. 

Productivity and Efficacy:
When businesses attempt to carry out logistics on their own, they have limited control over the execution. However, by partnering with freight companies, they receive a higher control and can create a higher consumer base. 

Simplified Process:
The logistics process is simple but efficient with freight partners, enabling businesses to save their resources for their priorities. 

Features That Make Sea Freight a Better Alternative

The following are the benefits that make sea freight a better option for businesses:-


Sea freights are a significantly lower-cost option for businesses and enterprises. Thus, the cost of indulgence is much lower relative to air freight. Businesses can use the additional cost saved elsewhere and could be more productive. When locomoting goods in bulk, the significant cost margin per unit multiplies to become a larger sum. With the same, businesses save their additional expenses and can make their sales more lucrative. In total, choosing sea freight not only benefits businesses in the present but also evolves the overall logistics paradigm. 


The awareness of sustainable products has taken an edge among the masses. Hence, businesses take the necessary initiatives to address the rising demand for sustainable and minimally invasive options. Ocean transport produces much lower emissions and has a better carbon footprint. Ships generally have a significantly lower fuel consumption rate per unit of cargo transported, resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The slower speed of sea freight compared to air freight also contributes to its environmental benefits. While air freight relies on jet engines that consume large amounts of fuel, sea vessels typically use more fuel-efficient engines, reducing their impact on the environment. Sea freight transportation helps to build a more sustainable supply chain. Moreover, businesses that use sea freight cater their commitment to their valued customers. Such things enable businesses to receive trust from their consumer base and achieve remarkable milestones. 

Capacity and Flexibility

When compared with air freight, these offer a higher capacity for goods transportation to businesses. With container vessels, they can accommodate larger cargo volumes. The same makes sea freight a sensible choice for carrying most consumer goods. On the contrary, air freight’s capacity is limited to lower size and weight. 

Moreover, things like high demand and peak seasons can further reduce air freight capacity. Hence, businesses with larger or heavier shipments prefer water freight for their ample space and efficient transportation. 

Things are more flexible with sea freight in the context of schedules and regular air freight services, making them a better alternative. Moreover, with shipping lines, businesses have exposure to major ports worldwide. With the same, businesses receive a reliable and consistent transportation service. It makes the ship freight more consistent and reliable for long-term goals. Traders can benefit from fixed sailing schedules and can make their bookings in advance. Moreover, the multiple shipping routes provided by the ocean shipping company enable traders and investors to make the most sensible selection tailored to their specific needs. 


There are significant factors that require redesigning the trade-off between essential factors, like transport cost, customer service, and transport stock.

Sea freights are a relatively better option due to cost dimensions and their ability to hold high-volume and heavy shipments. On the other hand, sea freights offer faster delivery and are accompanied by higher transport costs simultaneously. 

Businesses can improve their consumer experience by implementing a tracking solution. With this, companies and enterprises can proactively communicate with their customers and improve customer satisfaction. 

Concluding Remarks

Sea and air freight have their merits and demerits, and businesses need to make the required qualitative and quantitative assessment before they choose the one for their business module. Sea freight is a better alternative compared to air freight for its higher accommodation and cost-effectiveness. AVR Logistics is the best place for companies looking for transportation options.